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Junior Program

Seasons Offered

We offer an indoor, outdoor, and cross country season for our junior athletes. Indoor will run from November to March, outdoor from May to July and cross country from September to October.


Training Days

Training days and locations vary depending on the season (Fowler Athletic Park for outdoor, Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre for indoor), but typically JD athletes train two to three days a week. The outdoor season offers a more flexible schedule.

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Goals & Emphasis

Aside from embracing the RJTW program to create the structure of the junior program, the club operates with the following goals and emphasis in mind:

  • Enjoyment & Social Interaction

  • Skill Development

  • Increased Exposure to Track and Field

  • Sportsmanship and Fair Play (True Sport)

  • Pursuit of Personal Excellence

  • Alignment with LTAD, Hershey’s, ASG & Schools

  • Exposure to Healthy Competition

  • Athlete Retention


Age Groups

Our junior program is comprised of three different age groups; U10, U12, and U14.

U10s are aged 7/8 to 9, U12 are aged 9/10 to 11 and U14 are aged 11/12 to 13.  Age group are based on birth year. Birth year cut offs can be found here.


Practices and Fees

Fees for the junior program varies depending on the season. Outdoor fees will include cross country, but if you wish to join as a new athlete for cross country season you will be required to pay a fee. Information on fees and scheduling can be found here.

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