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Volunteer and Fundraising  Requirements

Every athlete, junior or senior, is subject to a minimum of 16 volunteer hours and must fundraise $100 for the team per season.

Fundraising Requirement

Each athlete is required to fundraise $100 for the club, which can be done in a variety of ways provided by the club such as 50/50 tickets, bottle drives, etc. The athlete's family will be charged the fundraising fee ($100) if they do not meet this requirement.

Volunteer Requirement

Each athlete is required to volunteer a total of 16 hours, which can be done by the athlete or by family in the athletes name. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities to meet this requirement, primarily in the form of volunteer positions at our St. Albert Challenge Track Meet. Volunteer positions in track typically involve helping to run or prep for track meets (either for the Mustangs, or for other club meets). 

A $200 volunteer post dated cheque must be given to the club upon registration that will be cashed if volunteer hours are not met. If the athlete meets their volunteer requirements, the cheque will be returned.

Tracking Volunteer Hours

After the completion of volunteer hours, please track them using this form so the club can ensure that hours are met and we do not have to cash your cheque.

Volunteer Hour Tracker

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